Orfila Assessors offers a comprehensive consultancy service to small and medium-sized enterprises on tax-accounting, employment, administration and compliance matters.


We give you reliable and ongoing advice for the correct compliance of your tax obligations as a business owner.

We inform you of the best alternatives to achieve the best optimisation of your tax duties.

— Planning, prevision and prevention

— Tax declarations: quarterly, annually, etc. 

— Collection. Deferments, embargoes, etc. 

— Assistance with requests and appeals

— Tax inspections


— Study of the tax situation and drafting of a report with improvements and recommendations

— Analysis of the tax consequences of each decision, plan of action in accordance with the law and implementation of actions to optimise the tax burden


We ensure compliance of all your accounting legal obligations. We provide permanently updated information on your company’s situation.

We design and apply the accounting and financial strategy that best meets your needs, and that is useful for decision-making.

—  Economic-financial analysis of profits and losses and ratios

—  Personalised adaptation of the General Accounting Plan

—  External accounting

—  Annual accounts and minutes

—  Accounting consultancy at the head office

—  Ongoing accounting advice and permanent support to your administrative staff

— Personalised automation processes

— Personalised file import


If you are non-resident, we offer all kinds of coverage, legal and tax representation as well as tax, civil and commercial advice and management. 

Property and corporate investment and asset management

— Representation before bodies, verification and inspection

— Income tax

— Inheritance and wealth tax

— Advice on international agreements

— Management of property and assets in Spain

— Change of tax residence

— Management of tax obligations Spanish Income Tax (IRPF)-Income Tax for non-residents (IRNR)

— Legal representation

— Acquirement of the Spanish Foreigner’s Identity Document number

— Incorporation of companies

— Tourist rental


We offer employment advice and support to respond to any need of your company or activity 365 days a year with a global vision and the guarantee of more than 50 years’ experience.

We have a team specialising in all areas of employment and social security law, which covers all clients’ needs.

— Affiliation, contracts, discounts

— Pay roll, social security and income tax withholdings

— Work accidents, work-related disability and retirements

— Consultations on employment matters

— Self-employed persons. Global management

— Legal representation and defence in labour courts

— Dismissals, terminations and claims

— Redundancy plans

— Work inspections

— Study of the employment situation and drafting of a report with improvements and recommendations

— Assistance 365 days a year for managing affiliation

— Online instruments 24/7 for employment procedures, access to documentation, etc.

— Employee portal


We help you to carry out, accelerate and resolve all proceedings related to the public administrations.

— Car registrations

— Vehicle de-registrations

— Transport cards

— Licence renewal

— Activity licences

— Tourist rental licences

— Changes of ownership

— Occupancy certificates

— Health registration

— Licences

— Company name applications

— Last will and testaments

— Registry certificates

— Processing of patent and trademark applications

— Liquidation of Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (ITP and AJD)

— Land registry formalities

— Companies registry formalities

— Formalities before notaries: interventions for powers of attorney, authorisations, etc.

— Processing of inheritance

— Liquidation of inheritance and donations tax


We provide you with commercial legal advice as a complement to the needs arising in other departments relating to this sector: tax, employment and compliance.

— Public limited companies and limited liability companies

— Partnerships and joint ownerships

— Associations and foundations


— Increase and reduction of capital

— Changes of registered address

— Company name

— Corporate purpose

— Other modifications of articles of association


— Transformation

— Merger

— Spin-offs

— Transfer of registered address

— Transfer of assets and liabilities


— Holding of and attendance at board meetings

— Minutes

— Formalisation and notarisation of corporate agreements

— Protocols

— Planned inheritance

— Corrective measures for equity imbalance

— Dissolution and liquidation of companies

— Sale and purchase of shares, companies, assets and provision of services

— Lease agreements

— Property: sale and purchase, horizontal divisions, etc.


We help you in a comprehensive way so your company grows and is more competitive. We have our own training room.

ISO 9001

— Implementation of a management system based on Standard ISO 9001, for better company management

— Application for external certification by an accredited body

ISO 14001 and environment

— Support for the implementation of environmental management systems, integrated with other systems to improve the processes and activities that directly and indirectly affect the environment

— Advice on the legal background related to the environment to prevent negative effects on the environment, claims and/or sanctions

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

— Support to improve economic, environmental and social aspects of CSR, through the following programmes:

— CSR diagnosis

— CSR action plan

— Sustainability report

— Continued programme of courses, seminars and conferences of interest for business owners and self-employed persons


The purpose of Law 10/2010 is to anticipate and prevent use of the financial system and other economic activity sectors for money laundering. Financial activities, lawyers, advisers, property agencies and developers, among others, are obliged to comply with it.

— We provide the solution to regulatory compliance that the legislation requires of affected entities.

— Services:

  • Consultancy
  • Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law. Auditing
  • Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law. Training
  • Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law. Legal services
  • Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law. Certificates
  • Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law
  • Internal Complaints Channel, necessary for compliance of the obligation imposed by the Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Law.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which replaces Organic Law 15/1999 (LOPD) came into force on 25 May 2016. This law is of obligatory compliance and applicable to all companies, without distinction. Not complying with the legislation can entail administrative fines of up to 10 million euros or, otherwise, up to 2% of the annual global turnover.

— We offer all the services to comply with the LOPD, always adapting to the size and needs of each company.

— Services:

  • Personalised advice
  • Risk assessment
  • Registration in databases
  • Drafting of security documents
  • Drafting of legal clauses
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Functions of the Data Protection Officer

The LSSI-CE came into force on 15 October 2002 so owners of websites and/or e-commerce companies comply with a series of laws to foster the transparency of online activities.

— Services:

  • Legal Notice
  • Revision of e-contracting processes
  • Revision of clauses to comply with consumer legislation
  • Revision of advertising processes through electronic media
  • Drafting of information and consent of data subject clauses
  • Revocation of consent
  • Cookies Policy